52 Books Program

Using our free printables and product
suggestions, add to your child's program
by including a new book every week.
Featuring: The Fun Book
Because life with a child with Autism often presents daily challenges, our goal is to
provide you with practical, easy and affordable programs. Anyone can learn to help a
child with Autism. Where do you start? Right here.
365 Days of Autism
Build a Busy Box

Help your child stay busy by filling boxes
of any size with these great toy
suggestions. A Busy Box can often
provide an alternative to self-stimulatory
behavior by filling the box with sensory
Create an Activity Schedule

An activity schedule is a must for helping your
child learn to play and do tasks independently.
This schedule or
Busy Book will also help him
become more proficient with simple toys and
other fun tasks. Learning targets are often able
to be slipped into the schedule as well. Enjoy
free printables!
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Coming in 2013:
365 Days of Autism
A book of daily readings created to
be a beacon when you are in need of
an encouraging word
365 Days of Autism
365 Days of Autism
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Because you live the joys and challenges of Autism every day!
An ABA inspired academic and social program that pairs
learning with fun.

Dozens of Learning Pages and Fun Pages can be printed
from the included CD - including games, spinners, dice,
puzzles, and puppets.

A unique notebook program that builds the reinforcer right

Crosses over easily from home to school. Fits neatly in
any early learning Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Helps you maintain an organized learning program while
still having FUN, FUN, FUN!
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Workshops Available!
Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Tri-State and
Washington D.C.
1. Affordable and Fun Home Programs
2. Autism Overview & Inclusion Strategies
for Private Daycares and Pre-schools

Contact Lisa Wong for details:
Phone: 609-790-0775
email: hope@365DaysOfAutism.com
Click the picture to learn more!
Click the picture to learn more!
Click the picture to learn more!
The information contained here is for educational purposes.
Always consult a licensed professional when developing a therapy program for your child or the children you work with.

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